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Galería Studio Cerrillo - San Cristóbal Chiapas
galería studio cerrillo / san cristóbal, chiapas

May 08 ONE night only

Zteid Giarc
"KaKVO y TOBa?" "Que es esto?" "What is this?"

"KaKVO y TOBa?" "Que es esto?" "What is this?"

IMAGINE: You are invited to an exposition, 5 pm on a Saturday in May. You have dressed to the nines and your friends look smashing beautiful also. You smoked a great joint with all of your dear friends, as you are all expecting a show that would send you so the pot is just the icing. You battle traffic to arrive close to the opening at 5pm, as you know the beer and wine and food will go quickly. As you walk up the street you see others already there, waiting outside. You wonder why? You arrive with friends who you have invited from your “A” list. As you approach the door to the gallery you read a note posted the wall of the gallery, “PLEASE WAIT UNTIL SOMEONE LEAVES AS THE GALLERY IS FULL”. OK wow you think this must be a great show. You hear music and the conversations of an international crowd. Cel phones ring, the music changes and people laugh and shout. A voice rings out, “THIS IS A GREAT SHOW”. Another sings, “I AM SO HAPPY I ARRIVED EARLY”. YOU WAIT. And WAIT. AND WAIT. No one leaves. The light begins to dim, your “A LIST” friends begin to pronder and wonder, WHY, you say, “ NO NO WE MUST WAIT THIS WILL BE GREAT”. YOU WAIT. TWO of your “A LIST” friends say yeah this sucks and leave. You wait. Your other “A LIST” friends also leave. You wait. NO ONE LEAVES.

BONK ZONK you are had. The show is just that. You are outside. You will never enter.
The show is a set up.
The gallery is making you.
There is no show except for you waiting.

There has been a camera on time lapse taking photos of the light and the people changing waiting….

The gallery as show. The gallery as a place to be seen, But if one is never allowed in, Who will see? Who will drink?

The parting shot, One disgruntled guest, DROPS his drawers.

The gallery as a joke.

San Cristobal, Chiapas via Sofia, Bulgaria

Web: http://studiocerrillo.com/zteid.html
Web: http://studiocerrillo.com

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